Visual Guide: How to Use a One Hitter

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One hitters and chillums are a favorite among many smokers because they are compact, discreet, and easy to clean. Perfect for a quick solo smoke, the small bowl size of most chillums ensures you conserve your cannabis. Storing and packing a one Hitter is surprisingly easy when you have the right tools.

how to use a one hitter pipe

Some people are happy to just push the buds right into the top of their one hitter, but I recommend you acquire a grinder. Your cannabis will burn more evenly and have a lower chance of clogging the piece when ground first. Here are the step-by-step instructions and photos showing how to pack and smoke your one hitter or chillum.

  1. Grind and Collect the Material

    grinding weed

    Take your Grinder Card and place it on top of an open Pebble container. Then grab a bud and gently rub it on the surface of the grinder card. The ground cannabis will fall through the holes into the container below for easy filling. You can use your finger to push through any remaining pieces.

  2. Pack Vertically

    how to pack a one hitter dugout pipe

    Take The Hitter and dip the bowl end into the Pebble, which is full of ground cannabis, and twist. You will likely have to perform this dip and twist action two or three times for a well packed, longer lasting bowl. You can use your fingers, the Grinder Card, or another flat surface to do a final pack of the bowl and remove any hanging bits of cannabis. Be sure not to pack the bowl of the Hitter too tight or your will inadvertently restrict airflow.

  3. Light and Inhale

    how to pack one hitter

    Once the Hitter has been packed, slowly bring the flame of a lighter towards the bowl and begin to inhale. This will create a cherry, allowing you to smoke the remainder of the cannabis in the bowl without further use of your lighter. I recommend a slow, smooth inhale and exhale to avoid scooby snacks and unnecessary respiratory irritation.

  4. Clear the bowl

    clear one hitter pipe

    After the entirety of the bowl has been smoked, you can blow out the ash or gently tap the Hitter against a hard surface. In my experience, those methods are great for a preliminary clear, but they do not fully rid the air-pathway of that stubborn, sticky resin. That’s why I suggest always carrying a poker of some sort. Whether it’s a dabber, paper clip, toothpick, or dedicated poker, it’s an important tool for keeping your Hitter clean.

  5. Save for Later

    pipe kit

    Are you ready to retire your outdated dugout for a smell proof kit? These smell proof smoking kits will completely replace your old dugout that lacks room for a poker, lighter, grinder, and the ability to carry multiple strains. I like to use the Safety Case, which has everything you need to pack a one hitter on the go.

Common Questions

What if I get ash in my mouth?

Try packing the bowl of your one hitter a little tighter i.e. pack some more cannabis in there. Follow Step 2 above until you cannot fit anymore ground cannabis into the bowl. This issue is more prevalent with new or freshly clean one hitters as they do not have the sticky resin preventing ash from making its way into your mouth.

How many hits can I take out of a freshly packed one hitter bowl?

This will depend on your specific one hitter and how large of an inhalation you take; however, our Hitter holds enough ground cannabis for 3-4 solid rips.

How much cannabis does the Pebble hold?

Half a gram per Pebble. If you're carrying four Pebbles like the photo above, you'll be able to pack your Hitter 20+ times.

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