The Best Vape Case for Pax2, Puffco Pro, Go.Pen Plus

The Best Vaporizer Case for Pax 2, Puffco Pro, Go.Pen Plus

If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent a good deal of time searching for the perfect vaporizer pen. I don’t blame you! Quality portable vaporizers seem to be few and far between these days, and the prices have drifted higher and higher for quality products.

Regardless of the specific pen you use, it’s important to keep it protected. After all, the whole point of a compact, portable vaporizer is to be able to take it with you. Despite manufacturers best efforts, most pens are still relatively fragile and don't often survive the backpacks, purses, and pockets used for storage during everyday life.

For those who enjoy smoking flower, you can’t go wrong the Pax2. Alternatively, those who prefer concentrates should select a reliable pen like the Puffco Pro or Go.Pen Plus. Novice smokers living in legal states will appreciate the ease and simplicity of pre-filled, disposable cartridges for vaporizer pens.

When selecting a vaporizer case, there are several factors to consider: durability, discretion, size, and carrying capacity. You want a case that accommodates all your vaporizing essentials for seamless integration with everyday life. That’s where the smell proof Safety Case vape case comes in. Don't settle for cases that don't incorporate the use of tape seam zippers and carbon liners. Designed for maximum discretion and versatility, the smell proof Safety Case is compatible with nearly every vaporizer pen! I will show you how it works with some of my favorites.

Puffco Pro x Safety Case Configuration

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The Puffco Pro is the first concentrate vaporizer with a fully ceramic chamber and heating element. What does this mean? Powerful, flavorful hits with no funky aftertaste. The Puffco Pro fits perfectly on either side of the case and next to the pen you can carry up to four Pebble containers for your concentrates. Each of these containers holds over a gram of cannabis concentrate. Depending on how many Pebble's you carry, there is also room for your dabber, charger, and an extra battery/atomizer. Those with a sense of adventure no longer risk breaking another vaporizer and concentrate connoisseurs will appreciate how the Safety Case holds everything required to vaporize on the go.

The Best Pax 2 Vape Case

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The Pax 2 sets the standard in flower vaporizer pens. This Pax 2 carrying case has space for your vaporizer, plus 4 additional Pax 2 accessories. Each "Pebble" container holds enough ground flower for two Pax bowls – meaning you can carry freshly loaded Pebbles with eight refills (roughly 2+ grams of flower) in your Safety Case. No need to worry about that pungent vaporized flower stench, the smell-proof Safety Case traps it inside. The best part? The ultra-slim case slips perfectly into your pocket or purse.

Go.Pen Plus Vape Case

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The Go.Pen Plus is an ultra-compact concentrate vaporizer pen that still packs a punch. Its small size is ideal for those who enjoy travel and the active lifestyle. The Go.Pen Plus can be configured a variety of ways in the Safety Case. I like to arrange it with a combination of Pebbles, a dabber, an extra atomizer, and some joint rolling essentials (just in case).

Pre-Filled Vaporizer Vape Case

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Those who enjoy the pre-filled vaporizer pens will appreciate the ability to carry multiple cartridges and backup batteries in the Safety Case. In my experience, the pre-filled vaporizer pens are more finicky and having a backup battery and cartridge on hand is recommended for uninterrupted vaping.

As you can see, there is no limit to how the smell proof Safety Case can be arranged, and you don't have to limit yourself to your vape pen. My vape case is equipped to carry flower or concentrates so that I can stock rolling papers, grinder card, pipe, dabber, joints, and more.

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